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Sea anemones

These are one of the common animals found in rockpools. They have a ring of fleshy tentacles around their mouth. The round body of the sea anemone feels rubbery. They are glued at their base to rocks. There is one very large anemone that freely rolls around in the waves.  

There are many different types of sea anemones. The colours of their round bodies and tentacles can be different. Some prefer to live in the cracks of rocks, under rocks, on boulders, or deep within the rockpools. 

When they become dry or threatened they can pull their many tentacles into their mouth. 

Like sea jellies they have stinging cells in their tentacles. They can use the stinging cells to catch floating items of food. Like sea jellies they don’t have a brain or eyes and any food waste must exit through the mouth.  

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