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Fish and sea squirts

Thousands of species of fish live in the sea. Some smaller fish live their lives around rockpools and in the intertidal zone.  Many other kinds of fish lay their eggs around the intertidal zone including in rockpools, on the sand, in seagrass meadows and mangroves.  The eggs hatch and the small fry stay in the shallows where they have better protection from larger fish. Fish in rockpools have many places to hide so they don’t need to live in large shoals for protection. 

When the tide comes in, many larger species of fish come in on the high tide to feed and then go back out when the tide retreats.

Sometimes larger fish are trapped at low tide in the rockpools. Chances are they will be eaten by birds. 

Animals that look a little like tiny fish when they hatch are sea squirts. Animals like this were the original ancestors of all animals with backbones. 

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