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Rockpools and crevices 

Often rockpool areas are large areas of solid rock within the earth that have been shaped by thundering waves and constant wind. The hollows in the rocks become pools as the tide moves out. Some rockpools are deep enough so they never dry out.

Rocks are a place that many types of seaweed and some animals can glue themselves to. Some animals are able to hang on. Around the more permanent rockpools will be many kinds of seaweeds. Some of the animals will be able to hang onto these plants.

Crevices between the rocks are a good place for animals like crabs to hide in.

Large rocks and boulders usually have animals living under them. Some are glued to the rock, others are hanging on while some just hide underneath.  If you ever turn rocks over you must always turn them back to exactly the same position. If you don’t many of the animals will die. 

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