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Who are the invaders?

Northern Pacific Seastar

The invaders can be crabs, seastars, sponges, marine worms, mussels and seaweeds. Only some of the 250 introduced pests are a serious problem at this time.

Some of Australia’s least welcome of the marine pest species include Japanese seaweed, northern Pacific seastar, Mediterranean fanworm, European shore crab, Asian bivalve, Pacific oyster, Asian date mussel and a range of marine dinoflagellates.

Other countries also have serious marine pests. 

Many of their pests have not arrived in Australia. Most of them would be a problem if they do get here.

Some arrive as breeding adults stuck to a ship. Others come in the ballast water that helps to balance the load in ships. Once in Australian waters smaller boats might spread them even further.  

To find out more about the most serious marine pests in Australia and the pests that could be a problem in the future go to go to> Marine pests> Pest ID cards

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