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European shore crab

European shore crab

What it looks like

  • On the edge of the skeleton there are five forward facing points on both sides of the eyes
  • About 65mm wide
  • Usually green on the top and often red or orange underneath.

Where it lives naturally

  • Atlantic around Europe and Greenland
  • Northern Africa on the Atlantic coast.

Where it has spread to

  • Australia – NSW, Vic, Tas, SA
  • Southern Africa
  • South America
  • Central America
  • Both the Pacific and Atlantic side of North America
  • Japan.

How did it get to Australia

  • The floating young arrived in ship ballast water.

Why is it a problem?

  • A greedy little crab that takes most of the food
  • Has probably reduced the number of other crabs and shellfish in the areas it has invaded.

For more information about this species go to> Marine pests> Pest ID cards.

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