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Dead man's fingers

Codium fragile ssp tomentosoides

What it looks like

(Easily confused with the Australian sub-species)

  • A seaweed found washed up on beaches
  • Thick round dark green stems
  • From the central stem, the new stems evenly branch out in a fan like way.

Where it lives naturally

  • North Pacific around Asia and Japan

Where it has spread to

  • In Australia – Tasmanian, Victoria and southern NSW
  • Europe including the Mediterranean
  • North America, both Atlantic and Pacific coasts
  • South America Pacific coast. 

How did it get to Australia

  • The floating young arrived in ship ballast water.

Why is it a problem?

  • Prevents native seaweed growing
  • Gets stuck in fishing nests
  • In the future it might affect shellfish farms
  • Sometimes large volumes are washed up and rot on beaches.

For more information about this species go to> Marine pests> Pest ID cards.

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