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Marine pests
This new website is easy to read and navigate. It has a lot of current information about marine pests and what can be done to reduce the problems. Find the pests interactive map icon on the left column of the page. You will find other useful links.

Australian Shipping Association
Find out how the Australian Shipping Association is helping with research and environmental projects to reduce the problems of biofouling, ballast water and underwater paint patch trials.

Includes a database of Australian marine pests.

International Maritime Organization
Click on Environment on the top menu bar to find out how the International Maritime Organization is dealing with marine pests and other shipping associated environmental issues. Look at the menu on the right of the page for different topics.

Introduced Marine Aquatic Invaders - a field guide
Australian website of potential marine pests. 

Other States

Use an appropriate web search engine. Type in marine pest and the State you are interested in. Most State governments will have some information about marine pests in one of their many departments’ websites.

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