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More actions

Government actions


  • The Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) is the Government agency in Australia responsible for overseeing the prevention of marine pests coming into Australia in ships’ ballast water See
  • The Australian Government introduced mandatory ballast water notification requirements and ballast water management requirements.
  • State and Territory government departments and agencies provide marine pest identification kits and educational material on their websites

Scientific actions


  • The CSIRO provides information through the Centre for Research on Introduced Marine Pests, which includes the National Introduced Marine Pests Information System.
  • Scientists are researching ways for the most economical, environmentally friendly and safe treatment options for ships ballast water.

Industry actions


  • The shipping industry has contributed over $2m in Australia for research into ballast water treatment techniques.
  • Shipping companies have made their ships available for trials on ballast water management.

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