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Litter has fallen out of this broken rubbish bin

Litter has fallen out of this broken rubbish bin

Some of the common items of litter are plastic bottles and wrappers, paper, metal cans, glass bottles, cardboard drink containers, polystyrene food containers often used by fast food take-aways, and food scraps. The items of litter that rot cause water pollution. The items that don’t rot can injure wildlife.

Litter is caused by

  • People dropping their rubbish
  • Birds, possums, dogs, cats and foxes going through garbage bins
  • Not having a lid on a garbage or rubbish bin
  • Missing the garbage bin when disposing of rubbish
  • Throwing rubbish from cars
  • Allowing rubbish to blow away
  • Not covering trailers or trucks when transporting rubbish
  • Making piles of rubbish outdoors where wind can blow it away.

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