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Doggy doo

Where is the dog owner in this park

Where is the dog owner in this park

It sounds yucky. Some dog owners when they take their dogs for a walk allow their dogs to do it (have a poo) and leave it. In a large city each day about 10 tip-truck loads of dog doo is dropped and not cleaned up. The doggy doo sits around on the footpath, grass or gutter. Sometimes it goes hard in the sun. Usually it dissolves when it rains and it is washed into the stormwater drains

When the owners don’t clean it up, the doggy doo can cause water pollution. The bacteria in the doggy doo can make marine animals and people sick.

What do you think about picking up dog doo?

Most local councils now have regulations that require dog owners to pick up their dog’s doo and either take it home or dispose of it in proper dog doo bins.

Does your local council have signs in the streets in your neighbourhood warning dog owners they will be fined if they don’t clean up their dog’s doo?

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