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Reduce littering

Always place your waste in a rubbish bin or the recycling

Always place your waste in a rubbish bin or the recycling

To save our marine wildlife it is important to make sure we don't cause any litter. These are some of the things people are doing to reduce littering:

  • Buy things with less packaging
  • Take shopping bags when shopping
  • When you can, take a reusable sports drink bottle rather than buying a drink
  • When possible recycle
  • Always dispose of rubbish in a garbage bin with a lid
  • When adults transport a load of rubbish in a trailer it must have a tarp tied over the trailer
  • Never drop litter or throw it from a car
  • If you see someone throwing litter from a car, you can record their registration plates and report them to the EPA
  • Some people are trying to have plastic bags banned
  • Many people join Clean Up Australia and clean litter and other garbage from our waterways, parks, forests and coast
  • You can also help by picking up litter at school and at home.

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