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Dob in a dumper

People can report polluters to their State's EPA

People can report polluters to their State's EPA

People who dump their rubbish are often called dumpers. Dumpers who pollute our environment must be stopped.  While we may not be able to physically stop them, some authorities like local councils can fine those who pollute. This may then stop them polluting in the future. 

Check with your local council and the EPA on what telephone numbers to use to report a dumper’.

These are some of the people who need to be reported (you will need to write down their car registration number):

  • People throwing cigarette butts from their car (this can also be a fire risk).
  • People who throw rubbish from their car.
  • Cars going into the bush, arriving on empty blocks or beside creeks and rivers to dump rubbish.
  • Any truck pouring liquids down stormwater drains.
  • Building sites that allow their rubbish to escape to become litter or do not have a waste disposal bin.
  • Shop- keepers that allow rubbish to escape from their bins.
  • Dog owners who don't pick up after their pet. Dog owners are supposed to carry plastic bags.

Also inform your local council when rubbish is falling out of the council street and park bins.

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