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Entanglement of wildlife


a penguin drowned by be entangled with litter

Many animals have a cruel death when they become entangled in our waste. This waste can be discarded fishing nets and tangled fishing line left in the sea. It may also be some of the many plastic products that are allowed to become litter.

Air breathing animals like seals, penguins and turtles trapped under the water drown. Other animals become entangled and can no longer move to find food. Some have their mouths locked shut. They starve to death. When entangled animals struggle, the fishing line or plastics can cut deep wounds into their bodies.

the entangled foot of the penguin

Many marine birds now use plastic to help build their nests. Their chicks' feet can get hopelessly entangled in the plastic and they get trapped in the nest.

It is claimed that world wide each year a million birds and 100,000 other large marine animals are killed by plastic litter. What can you do to help reduce this horror statistic?

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