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Litter traps

This creek litter trap collects floating litter

This creek litter trap collects floating litter

Many types of litter traps have been installed to reduce the amount of litter escaping into the sea. Some traps are: 

  • Placed inside the side entry pit of stormwater drains, where a basket catches the rubbish. When baskets are used, they must be cleaned regularly. The basket and rubbish must not prevent water escaping or there may be a local flood. This is not a popular method for catching stormwater litter.
  • Many large drains empty into large concrete cage traps before the water goes into waterways or the sea. These large traps are designed so that during very heavy rain, water can quickly rush out. Tractors can drive into the trap and scoop up the litter inside.
  • Many rivers have floating booms and traps to catch the litter before it reaches the sea. These traps must be often cleaned or the litter will escape.
  • River authorities may also use small rubbish removal vessels with special skimmers.

While the above traps catch litter, they do not prevent other kinds of pollution reaching the sea.

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