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Biodiversity of the marine environment

Many different cretures live in the sea

Do you have a favourite sea creature?

A healthy sea environment is home to thousands of different plants and animals. Most look very different from land creatures and plants.

Biodiversity includes the many thousands of species of plants and animals. Biodiversity is also about the many different ecosystems that these species live in.

Some of the things that influence the type of marine ecosystems are water temperatures, depths of the water, how clear the waters are and what the bottom of the seabed is made from e.g. sand, rock.

The third part of biodiversity is called genetic diversity. Each individual animal belonging to a species is not identical. Each has a different combination of genes that they inherit. When a species has a lot of diversity, they are better able to change if the environment changes. If most individuals in a species are killed, then some genetic diversity can be lost. If people were all genetically the same, we would all look the same.

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