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The Marine Education Society of Australasia has a large range of school support materials.
This website is dedicated to students and teachers. It contains a lot of curriculum material and student activities. Consider getting your school to become a Reef Guardian. You don’t need to be in Queensland or even near the coast to join.
This USA EPA site has downloadable curriculum materials in PDF format.

Sustainable Schools

has become the major vehicle for schools to operate more sustainably and educate for sustainability. These are some websites that will help you become involved: (commonwealth
A multimedia presentation for kids concerning the dangers of plastic bags.
Visit the Planet Ark site to find out about the dangers of plastic bags and finding alternatives.
Find out what other people are doing on our planet to protect their patch of coral reef.
The Australian Maritime Safety Authority has an educational section with suggested classroom activities and some student interactive activities. Start by clicking on Marine Environment and Protection and look at the menu.
The International Maritime Organization has on its website all the conventions concerning the prevention of pollution by shipping.

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