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Algae – simple plants that mostly live in water.

Black water – the water and waste that comes from toilets.

Debris – alternative word to litter, solid waste that has escaped into the environment causing pollution.

Grey water – the water and waste that comes from the shower, bath, kitchen sink and laundry.

Intertidal zone – the area along the coast between high tide and low tide.

Litter – solid waste that has escaped into the environment causing pollution.

Marine – a word that describes the marine environment.

Mulch – organic plant material used to cover the ground and gardens.

Ocean – the large and deep areas of the sea.

Oil – a thick liquid that floats on water.

Plastic – a material manufactured from oil that can last for many years.

Pollution – solid, liquid or gas substances that can damage animals, plants or ecosystems. 

Rubbish – waste that is being disposed of correctly so it will not become litter.

Sea – often refers to the shallower areas around coasts.

Sediment – soil and dirt particles that have settled out of the water at the bottom of a waterway.

Sewage – the black water from toilets that is going to be treated in a sewerage facility.

Stormwater – rainwater flowing downhill towards the closest waterway.

Stormwater drain – underground pipes that gather stormwater to prevent local flooding.

Stormwater pond – ponds with aquatic plants that collect stormwater and reduce the pollution in the water before it is released in waterways.

Tide – the movement (vertical) of water due gravitational pull of the moon and sun.

Trash – American alternative word to rubbish, but sometimes the word is misused and refers to litter.

Waste – any materials that are no longer wanted for their original purposes.

Waterway – any body of sea, freshwater or brackish water.

Zooplankton – microscopic animals that live in water.

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