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What my family can do

  • Only having the lights on that are needed is a good start. This includes fluorescent lights. Do fluorescent lights use large amounts of energy when they are turned on? This myth is busted; the tiny amount of extra electricity equals less than 15 seconds of extra time for these lights to be left on.
  • Often the thermostat on heating and cooling has been set poorly and energy is wasted. For every degree you reduce your heating or cooling, you save 10%
  • Electric equipment like VCRs and TVs on standby could be adding 15% to the electricity bill. Some of this equipment can be turned off at the switch
  • Anything you buy that reduces waste will help
  • Taking it easy when driving reduces fuel consumption. During the weekend, doing several jobs on one trip will also help

By being energy wise, families can save money and help the environment.

  • When buying new electrical goods the family could try and find the most energy efficient item that they can afford and meets their needs
  • Energy efficient light fittings use less electricity
  • Many electricity companies will allow household to purchase a percentage of their energy as green energy.

Use re-usable bags when shopping

Use re-usable bags when shopping 

In the future, families might have new ways to reduce greenhouse gases. You may even make your own electricity with solar panels or from a wind turbine that looks like a chimney.

Guess what!

The maximum speed required by Australian traffic laws help to reduce greenhouse gases. Cars traveling more than 100 km per hour chew up a lot more fuel. In the USA cars are often allowed to travel at 140 km per hour on highways. It is claimed that if the maximum speed in the USA was 95 km per hour, the country would not need to import oil.

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