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What I can do

Lots of little energy conservation savings lead to big reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. If you are not already doing these things, give some of these a go:

  • When not in the room, turn off lights
  • Turn off the computer if not in use and activate the computer sleep mode
  • Put on another jumper instead of turning on a heater
  • Sometimes you can ring, text or email a friend rather than being driven around the neigbourhood
  • When possible, walk, ride a bike or catch public transport rather than being driven around
  • Recycling helps
  • Buy things with less packaging
  • When going out, take your refillable sports drink bottle rather than buying a drink
  • Shorter showers also reduces our use of energy.

Turn off equipment when not in use

Turn off equipment when not in use

You might also like to share your interest in the environment with your local member of parliament. Email your thoughts to their office. Let them know you are a student and explain what kind of future you want.

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