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Going deeper has been developed by the CRC Research Centre, Australian Marine Institute of Science and the Commonwealth Government. The main menu has a number of icons representing the major issues facing the coral reefs along the Great Barrier Reef. One icon is about coral bleaching and climate change. This icon will lead you to a fascinating menu. Some of the files and activities (with detailed maps) on these webpage are very large. You may need to explore these larger pages at home where you are not competing for bandwidth. You can run the coral bleaching simulator and find out if the reefs are more vulnerable close to shore or on the outer reef.

CRC Reef Research Centre has been investigating many aspects of coral reef conservation along the Great Barrier Reef including coral bleaching due to climate change. Now that you understand the basic concepts, you may like to find out a lot more about the research being conducted by scientists. Their web address at

Another site that you can visit is

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