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Wild weather due to climate change

Wild weather

The sunny side of the moon is as hot as an oven while the shaded side of the moon is extremely cold.

The Earth’s atmosphere prevents these extremes. During the day, the sun slowly warms the atmosphere and at night some of this heat escapes back into space and it becomes cooler. How hot and cold locations are on the Earth will depend on:

  • The season (tilt of the Earth)
  • How close the location is to the equator
  • If it is night or day
  • The altitude (It is colder higher up)
  • The cloud cover (reduces the amount of sun light getting to the ground, but can also trap heat from escaping)
  • The amount of vegetation or lack of vegetation
  • How close you are to a large body of water (air over water heats and cools at a slower rate)

Climate describes how the weather behaves over a normal year for a particular location. However every year the weather can be a little different from the previous year. Occasionally there may be an abnormal year like a drought but the weather will soon go back to normal.

Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

Aftermath of hurricane Katrina 

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