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Author: Bob Winters, Educating Options

Web Design: Trent Moffatt, TMDesigns

Editors: Michael Julian, Angela Gillham and Steve Raaymakers…

Graphic Artist: Sharyn Madder

Photographs: Image obtained form the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, Coral Watch, iStockphoto, Liz Vines and Bob Winters.

Special thanks to Craig Reid (Coral Watch), Julie Jones (GBRMPA), Steve Raaymakers (Echo Strategic Consultants), Angela Gillham (Australian Ship Owner's Association) and Michael Julian (AUSMEPA).


Materials developed for the “Effects of Climate Change on Coral Bleaching” may be freely reproduced for your classroom needs. The copyright for the written material is held by AUSMEPA and Educating Options. No part of the written materials may be reproduced without permission from one of the copyright holders. Copyright of all images remain with the photographer and may not be reproduced for other uses other than within the learning environment of the classroom.

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