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Steps to revegetation

The basic suggested steps for a revegetaion project:

  1. Identify the site you want to revegetate. 
  2. Obtain permission from the person or body that controls the land.
  3. Plan how the project will work, what kind of ecosystem will be created and include a budget. Find the most suitable time in the seasons to plant.
  4. Decide on the type of plants, species and numbers depending on the area to be planted.  
  1. Order plants from your closest indigenous nursery. It may require plants to be ordered four or more months in advance. 
  2. Control weeds and allow four weeks for spraying to take effect. 
  3. Mulch needs to be ordered and the area covered once the weeds are controlled. 
  4. What planting tools and watering equipment is needed. Find out where the tools can be borrowed. Students will need some training to plant the tubes.
  5. Maintenance is needed into the future to remove weeds and look after the plants.

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