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The basics:

  • Get an adult to check the site for dangerous objects and any other safety issues.
  • Make sure plants are delivered.
  • Make sure tools are delivered.
  • Make sure students have access to water and buckets
  • Have a plan b if the weather is really bad.
  • Train students to use the tools safely and how to put plants into the ground using the tools. Work out the steps needed to put in a plant eg:
    • Scoop mulch away from the ground where it is to be planted.
    • Use tool to make hole.
    • Wet the roots of the plant in the tube.
    • Carefully drop plant out of the tube.
    • Put plant in the hole so that the potting soil does not stick above the ground or the stems covered in soil.
    • Pack some earth to fill the hole (depends on tools being used)
    • Replace muck, but leave a hollow so the mulch does not cover the plant.
    • Give the plant a long drink of water.
    • You may have guards or steaks to protect the plants.
  • Have one person who places the plants where they will be planted.
    • Organise the planting so students do need to walk over freshly planted areas.
    • Only put out a few plants at a time making sure there are about 2 plants per square metre.
    • Distribute the plant species so it reflects the planned ecosystem, paths etc.
  • After the planting, cleanup the site, gather the empty pots and all the tools.

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