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Planning the revegetation project

Every project will be different. These are some of the things that need to be considered when planning the project. 

  • Work out your timeline. Start by asking your local indigenous nursery how much notice they need for a plant order. You will need four weeks for weed control. When is the best time to plant?
  • How much area needs to be planted?
  • You will probably need two plants per square metre.
  • You will need 10cm of mulch to cover the ground, so a cubic metre of mulch will cover 10 square metres.
  • Students are not allowed to spray weeds, so a contractor could be hired or parents could do the praying. If parents do the spraying, equipment is needed and chemicals need to be purchased.
  • Draw a scale plan of how the project will look. Show areas that may be open with no trees, heavily treed areas, paths etc. Paths can be a different kind of mulch. Make notes about the local area including soil and slope. Find north and record this on the plan.
  • When will the area be mulched? Where will the equipment such wheelbarrows, shovels and rakes come from?
  • When planting, identify from whom equipment can be borrowed and how plants will be watered.

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