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You will need to order mulch that is suitable. Ask for local advice. You might be able to get free mulch from a tree lopper, but this mulch can contain many different kinds of weeds.

I have found that students can’t mulch areas after it has been planted, so I always recommend that the mulching is done first.

What you need to know:

  • Before work is started, get an adult to check the site for dangerous objects and any other safety issues.
  • The area will need to be covered in 10cm of mulch.
  • You will need a supply of wheelbarrows, shovels and rakes.
  • Start by mulching the area that is the furtherest from the mulch pile.
  • Have students assigned as mulch diggers, wheelbarrow pushers and rakers. This way everyone gets a regular short break. Rotate the jobs. 
  • Before starting, consult with your safety plan and make sure everyone has suncream, gloves, their own supply of water etc. Check the tools are safe to use.

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