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Many millions of trees are planted every year in Australia. The trees help to remove and store the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide. Revegetation is more than just planting trees. It includes:

  • Replanting an ecosystem, with trees shrubs, grasses, creepers and wildflowers. This kind of planting will become home to many more animals compared with a tree planting.
  • It can also be restoring an area by removing weeds from around the indigenous plants and planting more local plants among the gaps.
  • Using the local indigenous plants. The seeds and cuttings used to propagate the plants come from local areas whenever it is possible.
  • Maintaining the area to keep it free from weeds and other problems after an area has been planted.

Student leadership

The student section of this website has many ideas to help students plan and do their coastal conservation programs. Keep going back to the student section for help when planning this project. All projects that students are involved in need to remain within the limits of your school policy. You will need to show how students will remain safe. 

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