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Environmental impact

Sometimes our activities result in unexpected and even disastrous impacts on a coastal environment. After the problem has happened we need to know if the environment has recovered. 

These are just some of the things that could damage a coastal area:

  • Are weeds invading the coastal vegetation? 
  • What happens when there is a new development in a coastal area? 
  • Are cars, pet dogs or horses causing environmental problems? 
  • Is your local beach being cleaned by a tractor? Does the machinery damage the coastal plants or other parts of the beach?
  • Even a small oil spill can have a large impact. Oil spills can result from ships. Sometimes these oil spills are accidents, but they can also result from being careless. Oil can also escape from the land and drain into the stormwater system, finding its way to the sea. It can be caused by accidents, but sometimes people drain waste into drains so they don’t have to pay for the cost of proper disposal.  
  • A bushfire through coastal vegetation can be disastrous. High populations of rabbits and the influence of climate change might result in some habitats never being able to recover. 

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