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Structures and tracks

Your beach may be free of any kind of structure and there is no impact by people walking to the beach. Look for the following to photograph: 

  • Tracks where people access your beach.
  • Tracks where vehicles access the beach.
  • Walking tracks along the beach.
  • Sea walls.
  • Walls to retain sand embankments.
  • Structures of historical value.
  • Walls to separate beach from streetscape.
  • Park benches and playgrounds. 
  • Structures in the sand intended to retain the sand and prevent it from being washed away. 
  • Buildings or any other structures such as wharves or piers.
  • Stormwater drains leading into the sea.
  • Any structures that have been left to decay including pipes, concrete, boats, ships etc.
  • Structures on which seabirds commonly roost. 

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