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Sand dunes and coastal vegetation

Behind the beach there is hopefully coastal vegetation and possibly sand dunes. In our urban areas many beaches have a wall to separate it from a footpath and road. A lot of coastal vegetation has been damaged and a lot of community groups have toiled over many years to restore this habitat. Photo surveys can be an essential part of protecting these areas. These are some examples to look for: 

  • Urban coastal strips – Land overlooking the sea is very expensive compared to other land. Some landowners will sneak out at night and cut down trees that may be hundreds of years old so they get a better view. You can make a record of the trees by systematically going down a road and photographing the vegetation. 
  • Old trees – Even small coastal strips could have banksias or melaleucas over 400 years old. It is worth photographing each old tree. These images can be used to find out if the trees’ health is declining. 
  • General habitat – Photos are needed that show the different levels in the vegetation, the density of trees, shrubs and ground cover. It will also show vines if they are present.
  • Trees – Photos that show the canopy of trees are important. When trees such as eucalypts are highly stressed their outer leaves die first.
  • Ground cover – Photos of the ground cover will show if the area is being disturbed.
  • Weeds – Weeds are a constant battle. Photos might show which type of weeds change over time.
  • Sand dune blow outs – Photos can be used to measure any changes in sand dune blow outs. 
  • Success of revegetation – Before, during, and after photos are important to monitor the success of land restoration (including revegetation) projects. 
  • Feral and grazing animals – Photographic evidence of animals such as rabbits, goats or domestic stock grazing in coastal habitats. 
  • Impact of dogs – Is there evidence to photograph of domestic dogs being allowed to run amuck? 
  • Vandalism – Photograph any vandalism including the removal of trees or removal of firewood. 

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