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The beach is a battle of the natural elements. It is too hostile for most land plants to obtain a foothold. The material washed up on the beach has been included in the inter-tidal zone. There are not as many things to photograph on the beach. 

  • Take a sharp photo looking vertically down at the sand every 3 metres (from about chest height) from the vegetation to the water’s edge. This will show the size of the grains and mixture of colours. 
  • Scratch a groove in the sand to see if sediment is covering the top surface. Take a photo of the groove to show the sand on the top and the sand below. 
  • Photograph the plants starting to invade the sand.
  • Look for places where beach tractors raking up litter might be destroying grasses and other plants that are starting to invade the sand. 
  • If possible take photos of the beach after every big storm.
  • If possible get a series of low tide photos over a 12 month period. 
  • If cars use the beach, take photos that might show in the future if they are having an impact.

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