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Recording locations

How you record your location with each photo will depend on the information you are gathering about the location. Along with the location you need to know:

  1. date (which should be recorded as the photo was taken) 
  2. direction (which you should know using the technique of always going clockwise, north, east, south, west). 

Using a GPS, each photo can have the coordinates recorded in the metadata.  A map is also essential, and can be made electronically.

Some software can read the coordinates in the metadata and you can click on a button that will bring up a Google map and pinpoint the location. 

Without a GPS, the map and the pole with the numbers are essential. You will need to make sure there are scanned versions of the map that can be stored with the photos. A spreadsheet can be made to store the location information. Lock the spreadsheet so the information can’t be scrambled and have several backups. Using Google Maps or Google Earth, you may be able to find the approximate coordinates of each location. 

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