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How often?

Refer to your goals and your plan to find out the intentions of your project.

This is an example of photos that only need to be taken once:

  • You want to monitor if local people are cutting down trees, so you need a series of photos of the trees between the road and the beach that can be used as evidence for trees being cut down.

This is an example of photos required once a year.

  • You are concerned that the various tracks are an increasing erosion problem. You need to photograph the tracks once a year at around the same date and with similar lighting conditions.

This is an example of quarterly photos over several years. 

  • You want to know if weeds are invading coastal vegetation. You take photos once every three months over two or more years.

This is an example of photos taken monthly for a year.

  • You want a set of data about what shellfish live on a rock platform. You take images each month at similar tidal levels.

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