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Storage and backup

School and public systems are not the best place to store images over many years. Even home computers will not last 10 years. 

Preparing a backup:

  1. Place all material into a single file. The name of the file should include three items of information 
    1. Date.
    2. General location.
    3. Photo survey.
  2. In the file have a Read Me First document. In the document include:
    1. Background to your photo survey project.
    2. Method used to take photographs.
    3. What group put the photo survey together.
    4. Information about how locations have been recorded.
    5. How to use the filing system of images.
    6. What is planned in the future with your photo survey.
    7. Contact details for more information. (This must comply with your school policy.)
    8. The location of the computer system that has the original and future updated work. 
  1. Check that all the files have been copied over.

Storing backups

  1. Have an external hard drive used to backup all the material. The hard drive should be stored somewhere different to the location of the computer equipment. Label the hard drive with a permanent label. Only use the hard drive for this project. 
  2. Make at least two DVD copies. Use the best quality DVDs. Have separate CD cases and label the cases. Use permanent pens to label every DVD. One of the sets of DVDs should be stored in the school library. The second set should be stored off site.
  3. A teacher that has been mentoring the students doing the project may also be an appropriate person to hold backup copies. 
  4. Provide copies to local conservation and Coastcare groups. Students who are interested should take a copy home.  
  5. At the end of the year consider how the project will continue and backup material. Hand over your materials to a new group of students.

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