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Record keeping

It was suggested that each location is given a number. Use these numbers to keep track of your photos. 

You have collected information about the location of your photos. The first thing you need to do is:

  1. Identify where the working image files will be stored on a computer. Photo images can take up a large space on hard drives, so make sure these photos will not be deleted in a cleanup. 
  1. Download images to a hard drive and make a backup of the images to a second drive. The backup file name should include a date. If you have used a GPS handset make sure you download the GPS coordinates with the images. Make at least one CD backup and label it with a permanent pen. 
  2.  Produce electronic versions of all the data collected. Recorded details about locations can be on a spreadsheet. If maps are not already in electronic form scan the maps, making sure that each location has a number. 
  3. Place all paperwork into a labeled file and place itin a known and safe location.  

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