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Naming and filing systems

Decide how the photos will be sorted. 

  • What criteria will you use to name the files?
  • How many levels of filing will you use?
  • Will photos from each location go into its own file?
  • As time goes on will more images be placed into the files? How will you tell photos taken at different times apart from each other? 
  • What rules will you make for naming images, eg. location number, direction, date or location number, type of tree, date? How will you name the location images taken of the numbered pole? How will it be named so it is obvious that it is part of a group of photos? 
  • What can you do to make sure that no mistakes are made during filing? 
  • When is the best time to place metadata information into each image? (see next webpage) 

Note - Do not crop, resize or sharpen images

Cropping and resizing images will cause confusion for people in the future. Leave all images at their original size. Avoid sharpening images as sharpening images reduces the ability of all software to make changes at a later date. 

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