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This website is designed to provide students with a structure to plan and implement their coastal conservation projects. Throughout the process students will grow their leadership skills as they are confronted by challenges they need to solve. 

This kind of leadership program has something different to offer. The project is the focus. There is no expectation that students will start with a high level of communication skills. This allows a wider variety of students to be drawn into developing leadership skills. 

These materials are suitable for a normal class, a special interest group or a group of students who are poor achievers. Each type of group will do their project differently. 

I have successfully done this style of project with students from Grade 5 onwards. Younger students are less focused and may require a greater teacher presence. 

You may find that the kinds of situations where students need direction are things like:

  • Often students get side-tracked by ongoing brainstorm discussions well after brainstorming has been completed. 
  • Coming up with ideas that are not possible or don’t address the goals. You will need to question what they are thinking and help them find a new direction. 

The purpose of the student materials is to unpack the process of choosing and planning a project. Students may not necessarily follow the suggestions provided in the student section. Teachers may want to add their own leadership activities.   

Planting trees is great, but there are many other ways students can help the environment and their local community. Consider the student learning outcomes involved in a communication project that focuses on the local community.

Working with partners is very helpful and often reduces the amount of organisation done by students and schools. Consider developing partnerships and sharing projects with other schools on the coast, even overseas schools. 

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