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This page has a series of checklists. The checklists are an easier way to understand how to make your project plan. There are many more pages with a lot of detail. You will still need to look at many of these pages to help you. 


  1.  Milestones – 
    Looks at the stages to plan and do your project. There are spaces to record when the different milestones need to be completed. 
  2. How to start – 
    How will you work with your teacher and your community?
  3. Investigating issues – 
    It is important that you know what is being done in your school and the environmental issues affecting your community.


  1. Project choice – 
    If you don't have a project to do, your class will need to choose a project.
  2.  Project partner –
    If you have partner helping you with your project, you will need to find out how to work with them.
  3. School policy – 
    Your school must keep you safe and look after your wellbeing. Your project plan needs to show how you will remain safe.
  4. Project planning – 
    A good project plan will be sure your project is successful. 

To download a PDF chart to help you navigate the website and locate where you want to start click here.

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