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Student well-being 

Every workplace should have procedures and policies for keeping their workers safe. Schools are no different. In this program, students are expected to accept their part in maintaining a safe work place.

Every school will have a set of policies and understood rules for the wellbeing of their students. Leadership programs must be done within the policies of individual schools. The teacher will need to make sure that students remain within the policy boundaries set out by the school. Examples can include (this is not meant to be a definitive list):

  • School policy for students working outside the school ground.
  • School policy for students working with different kinds of tools.
  • Arrangements for creating community partnerships.
  • Procedures for students working with volunteers.
  • Procedures for making changes to school buildings, school grounds, use of energy, recycling, waste etc.
  • Following school policy to protect students from harassment (external and internal) etc.
  • Policy or procedures for students communicating with people outside the school.

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