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The three most basic steps are:

  1. A project will be decided on.
  2. After brainstorming, sorting and deciding, a comprehensive plan will be produced by students. The plan will be reviewed and modified accordingly.  
  3.  Students will do their part of the agreed project.

The project

The two main ways of identifying a project are likely to be:

  1. Students and their teacher decide on a project that is likely to fit within the school’s policy requirements. 
  1. A partner has a need that can be met by students. Again the project is likely to fit within the school’s policy requirements.

After students have been involved in leadership programs, they may have the ability and confidence to initiate their own project. However this does not lessen their teacher’s involvement. 

The materials in this program are not relevant if students are to be used as a token or for window dressing for a project. 

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