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Our project rules

In the workplace, the workers can’t just do what they want. When students run their project they just can’t do what they want. 

In this leadership program, students will complete a project. They will need to understand what rules are required for them to safely and successfully reach their goal. As part of their planning tasks they will be developing, monitoring, modifying and reflecting. It goes a lot further. They need to work with other students, and work with adults within the school environment and possibly outside the environment. They will monitor their own progress. They will need to develop insight into the needs of others and work as part of a team.  

The broad kinds of rules students need to work to:

  • Respecting everyone they work with, allowing them to provide their point of view. Everyone has equal rights in the class to make a contribution. If there is a problem among the students, all parties are expected to make a constructive contribution to a solution.
  • On the basis of school policy and student well-being, the teacher will make any necessary final decisions.
  • The teacher and students will have an agreed set of assessment tasks that will probably include a timeline. 
  • The teacher will set the parameters about communication procedures with people outside the classroom. 
  • The plans will include some risk analysis and safety procedures. All plans will be reviewed and modified if necessary. 
  • Students’ projects can’t cut across other people’s authority. Students will need to gain appropriate permission to do their projects. 
  • While the students are the planners and instigators of the project, the final ideas they go with should be sensible and have a reasonable possibility of being achieved. 

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