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SurfAid International – Our project partner is SurfAid International:

AUSMEPA – Look at other section of this website for more resources on the conservation of the marine and coastal environments. 

Coast Watch and Coast Action – for finding your closest Coastcare group: 
Search using Coastcare and a location of interest to find out what coastal projects have and are being done.

Greening Australia – to get assistance with revegetation and restoration projects and the location of your closest Indigenous nursery.

MESA (Marine Environmental Society of Australasia) – Information and education resources concerning the marine environment.

Waterwatch – Water related activities and education material on aquatic environments. Do you have a local Waterwatch coordinator?

Gould League – Various education resources including the marine environment, stormwater pollution and school ground projects.

La Trobe University Wildife Sanctuary – Example of a partner working with student leadership programs on environmental projects.

Local city/council website for potential projects and partners such as friends groups.

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