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Welcome to Student Leadership for Coastal Conservation Projects. 

This student leadership program focuses on a challenging project. Students build and extend their skills as they go. 

The project that students will organise is the key to this program. Some of the highly rewarding student leadership programs I have been involved in have been:

  • Group of primary and high school students organising the launch of an education centre at a university complete with government minister and university dean. 
  • A day in the bush for a group of mobile people living in a retirement village.
  • Development of multimedia promotional tools for a project partner’s environmental project.
  • Various school conservation projects. 
  • Historical trail. 

This style of leadership program can engage a wide group of students. They all have something to contribute as they choose and plan their project. Students will develop their leadership skills during the project planning process and completing their project. 

Most of the content of this website is devoted to helping students choose and plan their project.

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