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Using leadership tools

Note: You must read this section

On the top menu bar is a ‘Students’ button. This section of the website has a guide for helping students decide, plan and run an environmental project. 

These are some of the more important sections that will be required to plan your communication project.

The major section, ‘Your project’, will help you decide what communication project you want to do. 

Throughout the planning materials are notes about student well-being. Refer to OH&S and other welfare issues as it is very important.  Schools are required to care for the well-being of their students.

They will ask you to find out about your school policies that will affect how you will plan your communication project. You must show your plan to the school leadership team, Principal or another designated person to comment on so your plan fits within your school policy requirements. 

The school policy will affect things like:

  • How students can communicate with people outside the school community.
  • How people outside the school community can communicate with students.
  • Privacy and confidentiality issues. 
  • Procedures for leaving the school grounds.
  • How students might go about doing the research on their target audience.

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