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Project brief

A project brief explains quickly what has to be done to complete the job. Developing a communication project brief would be useful.

It only needs to be simple. Start with your goals and work from there. In the brief include:

  • Goals for the communication project.
  • Outcomes desired from the communication project.
  • The time available to do the:
    • planning
    • design of the communication tools
    • using the communication tools on the audience.
  • Identification of the audience (target group).  
  • Analyse the interest of the audience.
  • Identify communication tools appropriate to the audience.
  • Choose a combination of the most suitable communication tools. 
  • Evaluate the suitability of the tools in relationship to the school’s policies and student well-being. 
  • Produce the communication products.
  • Evaluate the products and modify.
  • Use the communication products on the chosen audience. 
  • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of your project
  • How do you intend to celebrate your achievements? 

In the brief include the actual time available to do planning, design and using the product. 

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