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Audience research

Find out about your audience and what their interests are:

  1. Identify the audience: Identify the group of people you need to communicate with to achieve the goals for your communication project. Do you want to focus on a very general group or a more specific group? Will the school policies make it very difficult to work with the audience? (You may be able to work with the audience indirectly.) 
  2. What are the interests and concerns of the audience: List the five things your audience is most concerned about and interested in. Then make a second list of their next level of concerns and interests, listing another five. 
  1. The issues you wish to solve: Make a list of the issues you want your project to solve. 
  2. Compare and analyse: Compare the interest and concerns of your audience with the issues you would like to solve. In what way can you match the lists? For example, if your target group is mostly interested in family and your project is fun, one match is the family having fun. 

Also identify the places where the audience goes on most days. 

You will need this analysis to help you design your communication products. 

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