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Surveys and opinion polls

You can get people to be more interested in a topic by getting them to be part of a survey or an opinion poll. You will find many people willing to be part of your survey or poll.

You will need a set of interesting questions that will require people to think about the topic. Keep the questioning simple and short. Do not have too many questions. Ask for simple answers (eg. yes and no) that are easy to put in charts and analyse. You will need to decide how you will let people know about the results. 

You will need an introduction to the survey or poll. As part of the introduction people are told their replies will remain confidential. You may like to tell people how they can find out about the results when the survey or poll is done.  

Make sure all information is kept confidential. This is done by making sure that it is not possible to link an individual’s answers to any of the recorded data. 

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