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Some radio stations specialise in talkback and interviews. There are many community radio stations that provide programs of interest to their local audience. They look for a variety of opinions. They don’t get many children, so you may be of interest.

To speak on a radio, you will need to become a confident speaker. Listen to interviews on the radio and find out which speakers are the most interesting. Practise by role playing interviews to build up confidence and technique. When using the telephone or microphone

  1. Speak clearly.
  2. Try not to rush what you are going to say.
  3. Keep your mouth the same distance from the telephone or microphone.
  1. It is useful to have a card with the main points on it in case you forget something (most people do not sound natural when they read something on the radio, so it is best not to read notes). 

    You may only have about 30 seconds on talkback, but an interview might take about 5 minutes. Interviews can be done over the phone or in the radio station’s studio. The studio is a good experience. Telephone the radio station and explain what you are doing. You could, as well as the phone call, email or fax them a press release. 

    Most times you will not be able to say everything you wanted to say. You might be asked a question that will surprise you and you are not ready with an answer. Give it a go and try not to be critical of yourself afterwards.

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