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Plastics are the blessing and the curse of our time. Plastics have such a wide range of uses, one of which is packaging in the form of bottles.

Bottles are light and easy to store but like all packaging when we are done they become rubbish filling up our landfills or worse, litter in our beautiful marine environment. Since plastic bottles will be part of our lives for awhile longer it is fun to think about how we might re-use them to extend their usefulness.

Above you can see a project using small bottles that might grow some herbs on your window sill. However, PET drink bottles are easier to handle and you can create a whole mini garden from the root stems of the veggies that are leftover from making last night's salad.

What you need:

  • PET bottle
  • Scissors or something to carefully cut the plastic
  • Water
  • Liquid fertilizer 

What to do:

  • Remove the label from a clean PET drink bottle and remove the lid.
  • Mark the bottle 2/3rds of the way up, all the way around the bottle.
  • Cut the bottle until the top part is completely separated making sure there are no sharp edges.
  • Fill the bottom section 2/3rds full of water.
  • add the correct measure of liquid fertilizer,
  • Place the top part upside down in the bottom section.

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