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New seadragon discovered in WA

Wow, marine biologists have discovered a brand new species of seadragon in the cool shallow waters of Western Australia. We don't have photos of this new species but we do have a pic of a similar looking species from Victoria. 

This WA fish has different coloured eyes compared to those on the east coast. Seadragons are unique to Australia. All the more reason to look after them and their habitat. 

This seadragon was just one of 1,400 marine creatures and plants added to the world list of sea life. Around 200,000 species have been named and each year new species are added. One of the most common creatures on the list is shellfish.

In Australian waters we have almost cracked the 5,000 species of fish. As the numbers are still climbing we will get there. Last year one of the coolest discoveries was a new species of coffin fish.   

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